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Cooling Vest - All Sizes | 05_043006111_0103_1_2

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Enhanced thermal comfort for heat-sensitive NDIS participants through this cooling vest.

Service Details:

The Cooling Vest - All Sizes is specifically designed to mitigate heat stress, crucial for individuals with heat sensitivity due to various conditions. Available in all sizes, this vest maintains a stable temperature against fluctuating environmental heat, utilising phase change materials or cooling gel packs. Its lightweight and discreet design ensures practical usability in daily activities, promoting independence and inclusion.

Participant Outcomes:

Users experience reduced risk of overheating, enhancing their capacity to engage in community and social events with greater comfort and safety. The vest supports participation in outdoor activities, providing the freedom to enjoy a wider range of experiences. Consistent use aids in managing heat-related symptoms, contributing to an improved quality of life.

Impact Statement:

This NDIS support item encourages active lifestyle participation while ensuring thermal regulation, vital for participants' overall health and well-being.

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Cooling Vest - All Sizes | 05_043006111_0103_1_2