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Continence Products Urinary - Other For Adult | 03_092489060_0103_1_1

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Tailored for adults managing urinary incontinence, this NDIS support item enhances personal dignity and independence.

Service Details:

The NDIS provides specially designed continence products for adults experiencing urinary incontinence. This support encompasses a variety of items such as absorbent aids, catheters, and urology supplies that are personalisable to individual needs. Access to these products is facilitated through NDIS plan funding, ensuring affordability and availability. Service provision includes professional assessments to identify the most appropriate continence solutions, alongside guidance on use and maintenance of the products to empower participants in managing their conditions effectively.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants benefit from improved control and self-management of urinary incontinence, leading to increased confidence and social participation. The appropriate use of these continence products results in fewer health complications and supports participants to engage more fully in various life activities, promoting an active, inclusive lifestyle.

Impact Statement:

This NDIS support item significantly contributes to a participant’s quality of life, offering discretely manageable solutions to continence care challenges.

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Continence Products Urinary - Other For Adult | 03_092489060_0103_1_1