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Continence Package E - External | 03_092718064_0103_1_1

Unit: Annual


This NDIS support item provides essential aids for managing continence externally.

Service Details:

Continence Package E - External supplies participants with non-invasive products such as absorbent briefs, pads, and mattress protectors. The item is specifically allocated for those requiring external continence support, addressing the need for dignity and independence in daily life. The service encompasses assessment of needs, provision of suitable products, and advice for optimal use.

Participant Outcomes:

Beneficiaries experience enhanced comfort, reduced risk of skin complications, and improved self-esteem through the use of these personalised continence solutions. The support item encourages social participation by enabling individuals to manage their continence effectively, fostering increased community involvement and personal confidence.

Impact Statement:

By prioritising discretion and convenience, the item significantly improves the quality of life for participants with continence challenges.

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Continence Package E - External | 03_092718064_0103_1_1