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Continence Package A - Adult - Annual Amount | 03_092403055_0103_1_1

Unit: Annual


This NDIS support item provides funding for adult continence products.

Service Details:

The Continence Package A caters specifically to adults requiring annual supplies of continence aids. It encompasses products like absorbent pads, catheters, and skincare items integral for managing incontinence. Funding allocation is determined based on individual assessments, ensuring tailored support that aligns with the participant's continence needs. It enables cost-effective bulk purchasing and access to high-quality supplies.

Participant Outcomes:

Recipients gain improved health outcomes and dignity through this support item. It promotes independence by enabling self-care and minimising dependency on caregivers. Participants enjoy enhanced comfort and quality of life, while also preventing potential complications arising from inadequate continence management, such as skin infections or urinary tract infections.

Impact Statement:

Ensuring dignified and appropriate incontinence management, the Continence Package A significantly enhances participants' daily living experiences and overall well-being.

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Continence Package A - Adult - Annual Amount | 03_092403055_0103_1_1