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Communication and Information AT - Computer/device interfaces | 05_221300111_0103_1_2

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The NDIS support item facilitates enhanced interactive technology access for participants with disabilities.

Service Details:

This support includes provision and setup of interfaces like keyboards, mice, and touchscreens tailored to individual needs. Professionals assess participant requirements to ensure the best fit, offering various adaptive technologies that can range from simple modified input devices to sophisticated eye-tracking systems. Training on utilising these interfaces effectively is also part of the service, thereby ensuring participants can confidently navigate digital platforms.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants experience improved autonomy in daily tasks and communication. The customisation aids in overcoming barriers to technology, thus fostering greater inclusion in social, educational, and professional spheres. Enhanced digital interaction capabilities lead to increased opportunities for learning, skill development, and maintaining connections with the community.

Impact Statement:

Tailored technology interfaces significantly boost participants’ independence and societal engagement, enhancing their overall quality of life.

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Communication and Information AT - Computer/device interfaces | 05_221300111_0103_1_2