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CHM - Progress Stage | 06_182495221_0111_2_2

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A crucial component within a participant’s lifespan, the CHM - Progress Stage facilitates regular progress assessments.

Service Details:

The CHM - Progress Stage support item involves in-depth evaluation of a participant's ongoing development and achievements in their NDIS plan. This systematic review is carried out periodically to ensure that the set goals are being effectively met and to assist in adjusting the plan as necessary. Typically conducted by experienced professionals, this service considers the various supports utilised by the participant, assessing their effectiveness and recommending modifications for enhanced outcomes.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants can expect a tailored approach that recognises their unique journey, ensuring their NDIS plan remains aligned with their evolving needs. Key outcomes from this service include an updated roadmap to achieving personal objectives, identification of new goals, and a refined selection of supports. This ensures enhanced empowerment and a sense of progression for the individual.

Impact Statement:

The CHM - Progress Stage ensures effective resource allocation and empowers participants through customised, goal-oriented planning.

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CHM - Progress Stage | 06_182495221_0111_2_2