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CHM - Practical Completion | 06_182495321_0111_2_2

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The CHM - Practical Completion support item provides critical closure to participant projects.

Service Details:

Under NDIS code 06_182495321_0111_2_2, CHM - Practical Completion signifies the successful end of a participant's home modification project. It encompasses final inspections, certification of works completed to standards, and ensures the modifications align with the participant's NDIS Plan goals. This phase includes a thorough evaluation of the project by qualified professionals to confirm all work meets safety and accessibility standards.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants can confidently utilise their modified living space, knowing it has been professionally certified for safety and functionality. This not only increases independence within the home but also contributes significantly to an enhanced quality of life. The completion phase delivers peace of mind, knowing their home environment has been tailored to their unique needs.

Impact Statement:

Safe and bespoke living environments are pivotal to participants' autonomy—CHM - Practical Completion is instrumental in realising this fundamental aspect of their NDIS Plan.

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CHM - Practical Completion | 06_182495321_0111_2_2