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Child Nappy Single-Use 4/Day - Annual Supply | 03_093012066_0103_1_1

Unit: Annual


Essential for the daily hygiene needs of young NDIS participants requiring continence support.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item provides an annual supply of single-use nappies, with an allocation of four per day, tailored for children with continence issues. It includes a variety of sizes and absorbency levels to ensure a comfortable, secure fit that accommodates the unique needs of each child. Quality materials help to prevent leaks and skin irritations, ensuring that participants remain dry and comfortable throughout the day.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants will experience enhanced comfort and dignity due to the reliable protection the nappies offer against leaks and discomfort. This support item also promotes independence and inclusion in daily activities, as it lessens anxiety around continence for both children and their caregivers. Additionally, it ensures that families have a consistent supply, which aids in planning routine care.

Impact Statement:

This supply significantly reduces the daily stress on families, ensuring that children's continence needs are consistently met with dignity and care.

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Child Nappy Single-Use 4/Day - Annual Supply | 03_093012066_0103_1_1