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Bicycle - Adapted FOR Hand Propulsion | 05_121805111_0112_1_2

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Specialised hand-propelled bicycles enhance mobility for NDIS participants with lower limb limitations.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item refers to bicycles specifically modified for hand propulsion, assisting individuals with lower limb disabilities. The customisations often include adjustable hand-crank systems, supportive seating, and stability enhancements, tailored to the user's requirements. These bicycles are engineered to foster independence, offering an alternative mode of transport and a means of physical activity.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants enjoy increased physical health through exercise and improved mental well-being via outdoor engagement. The use of hand-propelled bicycles encourages social participation, fosters community connection, and enhances the quality of daily living by providing a sense of autonomy. Additionally, it contributes to the achievement of individualised goals related to mobility and personal fitness.

Impact Statement:

Adapted bicycles empower participants with freedom and the joy of cycling, significantly contributing to a more inclusive and active lifestyle.

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Bicycle - Adapted FOR Hand Propulsion | 05_121805111_0112_1_2