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Bicycle - Adaptation for Pedals/Seat/Handle Bars | 05_121821871_0112_1_2

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Customised bicycle modifications enhance accessibility for NDIS participants with mobility challenges.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item entails professional adaptation of bicycles, specifically the pedals, seat, and handlebars, to suit the individual physical needs of participants. The service includes an assessment of the participant’s mobility requirements, followed by the tailored alteration of standard bicycle components. Certified technicians ensure these modifications meet safety standards while promoting ease of use.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants benefit from improved physical activity opportunities and increased independence. The customised solutions foster social inclusion, encourage recreational pursuits, and assist with transportation. Enhanced comfort and reduced risk of injury further empower users to engage in cycling activities confidently.

Impact Statement:

Tailored bicycle modifications significantly extend active lifestyle choices for those with disabilities, promoting both physical and mental health through inclusive recreation and mobility.

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Bicycle - Adaptation for Pedals/Seat/Handle Bars | 05_121821871_0112_1_2