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Bed - Electrically adjusted | 05_181210811_0103_1_2

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This NDIS support item refers to a bed with electric adjustment features.

Service Details:

Specifically tailored for those with mobility issues, the electrically adjusted bed offers comfort with its flexible positioning. Engineered for ease of use, it aids in daily tasks including sleep, rest, and therapeutic activities. The bed is designed to be adjusted in height, head, and foot sections electronically, reducing the need for manual effort and providing independent control to the user.

Participant Outcomes:

By facilitating position changes, this bed helps to decrease pressure sores and improves respiratory and digestive function. It enhances the user's autonomy, supporting sustained well-being and quality of life. The inclusion of such a bed in an NDIS plan directly caters to those in need of special care for a better daily living experience.

Impact Statement:

An electrically adjusted bed significantly uplifts a participant's independence and comfort, contributing positively to long-term health outcomes.

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Bed - Electrically adjusted | 05_181210811_0103_1_2