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Bathing Support - Special Design | 05_093305121_0103_1_2

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A specialised NDIS support item ensuring safe and dignified bathing for participants with complex needs.

Service Details:

This support item caters to individuals requiring uniquely tailored bathroom solutions. Offering adapted equipment such as customised shower chairs, bath lifts, and non-slip surfaces, this provision facilitates safer personal care routines. Assistance extends to the installation of specialised fittings that accommodate the physical requirements of participants, thus ensuring an environment that merges safety with comfort.

Participant Outcomes:

The customised bathing supports enable participants to maintain personal hygiene autonomously or with minimal assistance, fostering independence. Enhancing quality of life, they reduce the reliance on caregivers and the risk of injury. Participants benefit from a bolstered sense of dignity and self-esteem as they navigate their personal care more effectively and safely.

Impact Statement:

Personal empowerment and improved safety in daily living are fundamental to the holistic benefits offered by this NDIS support item.

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Bathing Support - Special Design | 05_093305121_0103_1_2