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Auslan Or Signed English Training | 03_089_0121_1_1

Unit: Hour


This support item enables participants to learn Auslan, Australia's sign language, or Signed English, enhancing communication skills.

Service Details:

Participants gain access to specialised training sessions tailored to individual learning needs. These sessions are provided by accredited Auslan educators and focus on fostering the participant's ability to communicate effectively with the Deaf community. Training may include one-on-one or group classes, and cover a range of skill levels, from basic signs and finger spelling to complex language structures within a supportive learning environment.

Participant Outcomes:

Through this training, participants achieve greater autonomy and confidence in social interactions. Mastering sign language improves their ability to engage with others, access community services, and participate in cultural and educational activities. Enhanced communication abilities often lead to improved mental health and overall quality of life for the participant.

Impact Statement:

Proficiency in Auslan or Signed English profoundly enriches the social inclusion and independence of NDIS participants, fostering a more accessible community.

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Auslan Or Signed English Training | 03_089_0121_1_1