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AT Supplementary Charge - Vision | 05_0002_0113_1_2

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This NDIS support item provides financial assistance for vision-related assistive technology.

Service Details:

The AT Supplementary Charge for Vision covers costs beyond basic funding for specialised assistive devices and technologies catering to visual impairments. It encompasses a variety of items, from screen readers and magnification software to Braille displays and audio description tools. These technologies are crucial for enabling access to information, enhancing environmental interaction, and facilitating communication for participants.

Participant Outcomes:

Recipients experience improved daily functioning, increased independence, and reduced dependence on caregivers. The targeted support from this item allows for greater participation in community, social, and economic activities, fostering inclusivity. It also promotes educational and vocational advancement by providing the necessary tools for learning and work.

Impact Statement:

This supplementary charge is pivotal in bridging the gap between standard accessibility and the nuanced needs of individuals with vision impairment.

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AT Supplementary Charge - Vision | 05_0002_0113_1_2