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AT Supplementary Charge - Prosthesis or Orthosis | 05_0002_0135_1_2

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This support item assists with costs for prostheses or orthoses not covered by other means.

Service Details:

The NDIS provides a supplementary charge for specific prosthesis or orthosis services, aiding participants in acquiring personalised adaptive equipment essential for day-to-day functionality. These orthotic and prosthetic supports address particular physical impairments, ensuring that individuals have access to custom-fitted aids that enhance mobility, dexterity or perform other necessary compensatory functions.

Participant Outcomes:

Use of this support item yields significant improvements in participants' quality of life through enhanced independence and self-sufficiency. It facilitates physical comfort and wellbeing while fostering participant engagement in various social, educational, and employment related activities. This tailored support embraces the specific needs of individuals, promoting a higher level of personal autonomy.

Impact Statement:

Proper prosthetic and orthotic support underpins participant resilience, enabling a fuller, more inclusive life experience.

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AT Supplementary Charge - Prosthesis or Orthosis | 05_0002_0135_1_2