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AT Supplementary Charge - Household Tasks and Control | 05_0002_0123_1_2

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Support facilitated through AT supplementary solutions enhances household task management for NDIS participants.

Service Details:

This specific NDIS support item relates to additional costs associated with implementing assistive technology (AT) for household tasks. It covers expenditures beyond standard AT involvement, ensuring household systems and devices are customised to the participant’s individual needs for control and operation. This may include specialised setup for controlling environmental systems, specialised cleaning appliances, or customised management solutions that empower participants in their daily domestic routine.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants benefit from increased independence and autonomy within their living environment. Through custom solutions, individuals experience improved accessibility and control over household tasks, leading to a reduction in reliance on carers. The support item also promotes participant engagement in their personal spaces, enhancing comfort, safety, and the ability to maintain a clean and orderly home.

Impact Statement:

Customised AT for household tasks greatly improves quality of life, fostering participant self-reliance and dignity in domestic settings.

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AT Supplementary Charge - Household Tasks and Control | 05_0002_0123_1_2