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AT Supplementary Charge - AT Personal Care/Safety | 05_0002_0103_1_2

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The NDIS support item addresses additional expenses associated with personal care and safety equipment.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item caters to the extra costs incurred for the maintenance, repair, or replacement of personal care or safety equipment. These expenses are pivotal for ensuring the ongoing suitability and safety of assistive technologies that empower NDIS participants. It encompasses a range of devices including alarms, emergency call systems, and other safety-oriented apparatuses specifically tailored to assist individuals with disabilities.

Participant Outcomes:

Key benefits include sustained independence, enhanced security, and an improved quality of life. Participants can expect reliable access to personal care and safety solutions, fostering peace of mind and self-reliance. The support ensures that essential equipment remains functional and effective in promoting participant autonomy and safety in their daily lives.

Impact Statement:

Ensuring assistive technologies are consistently operational significantly boosts participant confidence and wellbeing in their everyday environments.

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AT Supplementary Charge - AT Personal Care/Safety | 05_0002_0103_1_2