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AT Rental - Personal Mobility and Transfer | 05_120000115_0105_1_2

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This NDIS support item encompasses the rental of personal mobility and transfer aid.

Service Details:

This item involves the provision of rental equipment designed to support participants in personal mobility and transferring activities. The range of assists includes wheelchairs, walking frames, transfer lifts, and mobility scooters. Tailored to meet individual needs, this rental service ensures users have access to adaptive equipment without enduring the costs of outright purchase. The support is flexible, catering to both short-term and long-term mobility challenges.

Participant Outcomes:

Through this rental service, participants experience enhanced independence and safety in mobility and transfer. It promotes active participation in community life and empowers individuals by providing access to suitable aids when needed. Regular evaluations ensure that equipment remains optimal for the participant's evolving requirements, thereby maximising functional ability and participation.

Impact Statement:

This NDIS support significantly improves quality of life by facilitating freedom of movement and confidence in daily activities.

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AT Rental - Personal Mobility and Transfer | 05_120000115_0105_1_2