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AT Rental - Modified for accessible recreation | 05_300000115_0112_1_2

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An integral NDIS support for inclusive leisure, fostering independence and participation in recreational activities.

Service Details:

The AT Rental - Modified for Accessible Recreation provides participants with the rental of assistive technology specifically tailored for leisure pursuits. Equipment includes modified sports gear, accessible gaming devices, and adaptive tools for hobbies, ensuring recreational activities are customisable to individual needs.

Participant Outcomes:

By accessing this support, NDIS participants enjoy enhanced engagement in social and recreational contexts, allowing for a richer community experience and personal fulfilment. It promotes physical health, mental well-being, and facilitates skill development through leisure activities that might otherwise be inaccessible.

Impact Statement:

This service significantly contributes to the elimination of barriers to recreation, upgrading the quality of life for participants by ensuring hobbies and sports are inclusive, and joyfully accessible.

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AT Rental - Modified for accessible recreation | 05_300000115_0112_1_2