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AT Rental - Communication and Computer access | 05_222100115_0124_1_2

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This NDIS support item enables Australians with disabilities to rent necessary assistive technologies for communication and computer use.

Service Details:

The AT Rental – Communication and Computer Access support offers participants the means to lease assistive devices like speech-generating software, adapted keyboards, or specialised input devices. This provision covers the temporary rental costs, ensuring the equipment is functional and appropriate without the need for outright purchase, thus making it cost-effective and less commitment-heavy for shorter-term needs.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants benefit from improved access to communication, increased independence, and enhanced social participation. The rental option facilitates trials of various technologies before deciding on the best fit, promoting informed choices. It advances participants' education, work, and daily life integration through technology, offering a flexible approach to support.

Impact Statement:

The support significantly elevates participants' ability to engage with their community and environment, fostering autonomy and an empowered connection with the larger world.

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AT Rental - Communication and Computer access | 05_222100115_0124_1_2