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AT Rental - Assistive Products for Household Tasks | 05_150000115_0123_1_2

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AT Rental services provide vital equipment aiding personal independence in daily activities.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item encompasses the rental of various assistive technologies designed specifically for aiding NDIS participants in accomplishing household tasks effectively and safely. It includes a range of products like adaptive kitchen tools, cleaning appliances tailored for accessibility, and ergonomic gardening tools, all available on a rental basis. This flexibility allows participants to trial aids before committing to purchase or to use them for a temporary period without the financial burden of outright ownership.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants benefit from increased autonomy over their home environment, leading to enhanced life skills and confidence. The service fosters self-reliance and promotes participation in domestic chores, empowering individuals to manage their living spaces and routines better. It also facilitates social and community engagement by equipping participants with the necessary tools to perform tasks more independently

Impact Statement:

Enhancing daily living, AT rentals significantly foster participant autonomy and societal inclusion.

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AT Rental - Assistive Products for Household Tasks | 05_150000115_0123_1_2