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Assistance From Live-In Carer | 01_003_0107_1_1

Quotable Supports
Unit: Hour


Personalised care is paramount for participants requiring constant support.

Service Details:

'Assistance From Live-In Carer' provides vital around-the-clock support for NDIS participants. This support item entails a carer residing with the participant to assist with daily personal activities, enabling consistent and familiar care. The service includes help with self-care tasks, household chores, and daily routines. Carers are specifically trained to support the unique requirements of the participant, carving a path for consistent and tailored assistance.

Participant Outcomes:

Beneficiaries experience improved quality of life through enhanced independence and social participation. Continuous support fosters skill development and maintains health and safety. Individual needs are meticulously met, ensuring participants live as autonomously as possible within their own homes. A comprehensive care structure also promotes mental well-being by providing stability and companionship.

Impact Statement:

Maximises autonomy and ensures safety in the familiar surroundings of one's own home.

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Assistance From Live-In Carer | 01_003_0107_1_1