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Assistance Dog (Including Guide Dog) Ongoing Costs | 03_900100155_0130_1_1

Unit: Month


Covering costs for maintaining assistance dogs, this NDIS support ensures their well-being and service continuity.

Service Details:

The NDIS recognises the pivotal role of assistance dogs in supporting participants with disabilities. This item subsidises routine expenses such as food, grooming, and veterinary care. Training refreshers for the dogs, designed to ensure they remain effective and responsive in their roles, are also financially supported. Customary expenditures, including but not limited to health insurance, are considered to uphold the guide dogs' ongoing ability to assist their owners.

Participant Outcomes:

By financing assistance dog upkeep, participants enjoy sustained independence and confidence. It also assures physical assistance, emotional support, and improved social interactions. Key benefits include ease in navigating environments, companionship, and a reassuring presence that promotes mental well-being and security.

Impact Statement:

Sustained funding for assistance animals enhances quality of life, fostering autonomy and societal inclusion for NDIS participants.

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Assistance Dog (Including Guide Dog) Ongoing Costs | 03_900100155_0130_1_1