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Assistance Dog (Including Dog Guide) | 05_900101111_0130_1_2

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This NDIS support item provides funding for assistance dogs, including guide dogs, for eligible participants.

Service Details:

Assistance dogs are specially trained to perform tasks for people with disabilities, offering not just companionship but also practical day-to-day help. They assist with navigation, signal alerts for sounds, and provide support in managing daily routines. The NDIS covers the cost of training, care, and maintenance of these dogs, ensuring the help is tailored to individual needs.

Participant Outcomes:

Recipients can expect improved independence, increased confidence, and enhanced quality of life. The presence of an assistance dog can reduce reliance on human carers, promote social interaction, and provide emotional support. Their assistance is invaluable in enabling participants to navigate public spaces safely.

Impact Statement:

The incorporation of an assistance dog into the life of an NDIS participant profoundly enriches and transforms their daily living, fostering autonomy and security.

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Assistance Dog (Including Dog Guide) | 05_900101111_0130_1_2