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Adult Intermittent Catheters Standard 3/Day - Annual Amount | 03_092406061_0103_1_1

Unit: Annual


Specific to urinary health, this item covers annual costs of standard intermittent catheters for adults.

Service Details:

Adult Intermittent Catheters Standard facilitates daily living for individuals requiring bladder management. Funding accounts for three single-use, sterile catheters per day, ensuring a year's supply. Designed for ease, convenience, and reducing urinary tract infections, this provision under the NDIS supports autonomy in personal care. People can maintain their routines confidently with catheters that cater to their specific health needs.

Participant Outcomes:

Consistent use enhances independence, dignity, and control over personal health for participants. With appropriate bladder management, individuals experience fewer complications, promoting overall well-being and participation in community activities. Access to reliable supplies is pivotal for uninterrupted daily life, enabling social engagement, employment, and educational opportunities without undue concern for urinary health challenges.

Impact Statement:

This critical support item significantly improves quality of life by facilitating health management and social inclusion for adults with catheter needs.

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Adult Intermittent Catheters Standard 3/Day - Annual Amount | 03_092406061_0103_1_1