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Additional Extension Sets For Bolus Feeding - 10/Annual | 03_150930082_0103_1_1

Unit: Annual


This NDIS support item provides ten annual replacement extension sets for bolus feeding.

Service Details:

Extension sets are crucial for individuals relying on bolus feeding methods. These sets include an array of tubes and connectors specifically designed for safe and hygienic nutrition delivery directly into the stomach. The funding caters for ten replacement sets per year, ensuring that participants can maintain their feeding regimen without interruption. This supply mitigates risks associated with wear and tear or any contamination that could arise from prolonged use of a single set.

Participant Outcomes:

Access to regular replacement sets promotes better health outcomes by reducing infection risks. It enables participants to manage their dietary needs confidently, fostering independence and consistency in nutritional uptake. Further, the availability of annual renewals guards against the stress of emergency replacements, significantly enhancing the quality of life.

Impact Statement:

Regularly renewing extension sets for bolus feeding sustains participants’ nutritional health and enables a life of dignity and self-reliance.

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Additional Extension Sets For Bolus Feeding - 10/Annual | 03_150930082_0103_1_1