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Additional Bolus Syringes - 100/Annual | 03_150930086_0103_1_1

Unit: Annual


Enabling self-directed administration of nutritional supplements, this NDIS item provides 100 bolus syringes annually.

Service Details:

The Additional Bolus Syringes support item ensures participants have the necessary equipment for enteral feeding regimens. This support includes 100 single-use syringes yearly, designed for reliable and hygienic delivery of liquid nutrition. Such provisions are paramount for those with significant dietary requirements and are supplied in accordance with individual NDIS plans, ensuring accessibility and ongoing nutritional management.

Participant Outcomes:

Beneficiaries of this support maintain nutritional health autonomously, reinforcing independence and dignity. The regular supply mitigates risks associated with reuse, enhances comfort during feeding, and promotes consistency in participants' dietary routines. It effectively supports individuals with swallowing difficulties or specific nutritional needs in leading a more enabled and less hospital-dependent lifestyle.

Impact Statement:

This vital resource significantly reduces medical complications and fosters participant empowerment by simplifying enteral nutrition management.

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Additional Bolus Syringes - 100/Annual | 03_150930086_0103_1_1