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Activity Based Transport | Assistance to Access and Maintain Employment or higher education | Lifelong Learning | 13_590_0102_4_3

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NDIS support item 13_590_0102_4_3 covers expenses incurred by NDIS service providers for transporting participants to transition through school and to further education, excluding labour costs.

Service Details:

1. Eligible Costs:

    • Provider is entitled to bill the participant’s plan for the time that support workers spend providing the transport support. They are also entitled to bill for any non-labour costs associated with transporting the participant.
    • If a provider incurs costs, in addition to the cost of a worker’s time, when accompanying and/or transporting participants in the community, they may negotiate with the participant for them to make a reasonable contribution towards these costs.

2. Negotiation with Participants:

    • Providers should discuss and agree upon reasonable contributions for these costs with participants.
    • Where a provider is transporting two or more participants on the same trip, the worker’s time should be split amongst participants. This claim should be made using the relevant community participation support item and against the participant’s core budget

3. Reimbursements Rates:

    • For a vehicle that is not modified for accessibility, up to $0.97/km
    • For a vehicle that is modified for accessibility or a bus, up to $2.76/km
    • For other forms of transport or associated costs, such as road tolls, parking, and public transport fares, up to the full amount.

4. Claiming Process:.

    • These non-labour costs should be claimed against the relevant activity-based transport support item.
    • The worker’s time can be claimed at the agreed hourly rate for the relevant support item for the total time the worker provides support to one or more participants, including time spent accompanying and/or transporting the participant.

    Participant Outcomes:

    Participants benefit from increased access to community events, fostering social inclusion, and skill development. Improved access to education and employment opportunities contributes to greater independence. This tailored transport solution supports participants in maintaining a balanced lifestyle, increasing overall participation in various life areas.

    Impact Statement:

    Activity Based Transport is pivotal in bridging the gap between NDIS participants and a fulfilling community life, promoting autonomy and societal integration.

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    Activity Based Transport | Assistance to Access and Maintain Employment or higher education | Lifelong Learning | 13_590_0102_4_3